Friday, March 20, 2009

the eternal a few days

ROME HAS MY HEART. I loved Greece for its ancient ruins and I love Florence for its breathtaking architecture and beautiful frescos and paintings.. all of this into one city equals Rome. We spent early Tuesday to Friday night in this wonderful city. The trip didn't start off too well... my friend Katherine and I missed the train- long story haha but funny- but all was fine once I set eyes on the Colesseum :) That is the first thing I saw. Talk about a monstrous masterpiece. It looks fit for the gods (if I believed in good ole Zeus and Athena). I think I took abou t500 joke. We saw so much! My favorite thing was the Roman Forun :) It is a valley full of Temples, ancient arches, and all sorts of eye candy. I could have stayed there all day. Time seemed to stand still- it was so alien to see birds flying around the tall arches and columns. It is another trip where I could write a novel over all the things we saw...We went to the Vatican today...that was mind botteling..I am still trying to recover. The Sistine Chapel would take days to look at every single part, my neck started hurting after thirty minutes, but it is trully life changing..Seeing things that I have only seen in history books is amazing...and I still cannot believe it is really in front of my own eyes.

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